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Pure Organic Olive Oil

Pure Organic Olive Oil

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  • Extra virgin olive oil grown & milled on the mountains facing Porto Limnionas Beach, in the territory surrounding the village of Agios Leon in Zakynthos, Greece.
  • Our olive oil is cold-pressed, which means extraction is achieved solely by mechanical means and never at a temperature above 27 degrees Celsius. This ensures the healthiest olive oil is acquired from the fruit and that none of the delicate attributes such as flavour and aroma are lost in the extraction process. Totally GMO free, Vegan, Vegetarian & Gluten Free.
  • It has a distinctive yet delicate flavour, with a fresh olive fruit aroma, creamy texture, buttery nutty taste, with a hint of green apple & a balanced hint of pepperiness.
  • Our Greek extra virgin olive oil is produced from the milling of olives, from the Koroneiki tree, which are widespread across the Greek island of Zakynthos.
  • The excellent climate and soil quality on the island is the optimal environment to help the trees to thrive, which in turn gives our oil its distinctive taste and fruity aroma as well as a vibrant gold colour.


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Nutritional info

Macronutrients: Carbohydrates (27-38%), proteins (19-34%), and fats (7-18%).Vitamins: Rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, and various B vitamins.Minerals: Good source of calcium, iron, potassium, and magnesium.Antioxidants: Contains flavonoids, polyphenols, and ascorbic acid.


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