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Life of a Tree is a brand which connects its customers back to nature by providing natural herbal products which are Vegan, Raw and Ethical.”

We specialise in Moringa oleifera, which is grown on our farms in Nigeria. Our founder has a degree from Writtle agricultural college so he implements western growing techniques and adheres to European organic standards.

Our products are all vegan and we have a cruelty free forever ethos. Our USP is that all products have been grown and harvested to high standards, also no additives or preservatives are used in the products all are completely Raw.

We aim to teach local farmers how to grow our products to our specification so they can use their land to grow a product that has international demand.

We believe in our farmers and often opt for hand work rather than machinery, this allows more jobs in the local community.


Vegan | Raw | Ethical

All our products are Vegan and we strongly believe in a cruelty free forever business ethics. All our products are Raw, we add nothing to them or take anything out. We just present the products in it's most useful form. We are an Ethical company which believes in fair wages and allow our staff to sit in on decisions on wages.

Women Empowerment

Life of a Tree believes that if you want to teach someone, something, you should teach a man but if you want to teach a nation something, you should teach a woman. We believe that women should have more involvement in farming and be able to earn for their families as well as men especially in rural Africa.

Certified Organic Standards

We have gained international organic certification through our certification body Control Union. This means all our growing processes and production are done without the need of inorganic or chemical inputs to give premium quality of products.


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