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Since the 10th of March, Life of a Tree has been holding a crowdfunder to raise funds for a zero waste plant based shop in East London to sell our own branded product range and other premium vegan products.

At this current time, we have been able to raise just over £10,000 in a matter of 3 weeks which is incredible! By donating to this crowdfunding campaign, you are not only just supporting a black owned business. You’re supporting way more than that. You’re supporting a vision that has been held very closely to the inspiring founder of LOAT – Femi Aseru.

Femi is a farmer from Brixton with passion for health, wellness and creating branded products for the vegan community. Zero waste is especially important to him, due to the ongoing issues that surround the topics of climate change. Once this shop is in place, this is only the beginning. Life of a Tree plans to contribute to Brixton Soup Kitchen and create a food distribution scheme that will not only just change people’s lives, but remind them that there is still genuine good will in the world, which only leads onto more positive actions.

He has made it imperative that his brand is reflective of this and I wanted to get to know more about what he had to say about his views in his own words.

“What drives you to continue with Life of a Tree?”

FEMI: “The main thing that pushes me to continue Life of a Tree is the fact that what I set
out to do is becoming reality

Essentially, connecting people back to nature is the main goal, back to natural sources via
my story and products. I realised quite early on that what I was doing was quite rare: a South
London boy farming in Essex.

However, because I dared to dream so big I had to also dare to be a role model for the next
generation not because I am perfect, but because I am imperfect and that is fine.

“What is the Life of a Tree origin story?”

FEMI: “ What made me start Life of a Tree is the encouragement and feedback which fed
into my endless opportunity for growth.

It made me realise that my quality and care when growing my Moringa trees translated to the
end product taste, quality and connection.

My wholesale customers wanted my story to continue so they could share it. So I decided to
make retail products and fully control the whole supply chain from seed to end user.”

“How has the crowdfunding campaign changed the dynamic of Life of a Tree?”

FEMI: “The crowdfunding campaign is another legitimization of my business and potential.

It shows our working out, as my teacher always used to ask for in Maths not just the answer
but how we got to it. It also validates the years of grind I have been doing and it is a great
feeling to get some flowers for the effort.”

There is still time to donate to this wonderful cause and make a dream that has been a BIG one for a long time. Happen. Thank you to everyone who has supported the process of Life of a Tree, as this is just the beginning!

DONATE / https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/life-of-a-tree-plant-based-shop

SHOP / https://www.lifeofatree.co.uk/


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